Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Toasting with the fashion fairies...

There was so much traffic, I didn't realise it was the inaugural match at Wembley. I had make up all over the place, I'm not one to care most times, but if i looked as shitty as i felt, then there was no way i was going to disgrace zara at fashionville.

Okay then, Nottinghill here i am, with my one nation beige blazer and D$Gesque patent strapped heels..they really are magic shoes. i remember trying them on at selfridges, Zara said....oh no....but the next day i was back there...Prisca said oh yeeeaaahhh...so i got em. Okay i know i digressed a bit, salut Cherie (hi darling) mua/mua... walking into my dream closet - Matches boutique in nottinghill, well not entirely, actually Karl lagerfeld's showroom is my ideal closet....am sorry...again...

yeah i was saying kissed Zara salut et oh my, louboutin's which i now call lou lou's, the dolce and gabbana lbd I would so love to wear to my birthday party. OK now where my glass of champagne.....i asked around, as i joined the party, drinking, chatting away, i was quite comfortable, you know being very used to classic snobbery, both as a giver and a receiver, but no they wouldn't leave me to it. We partied the night away...after i had a thai chicken curry and a martini lemonade...while Zara was engrossed in conversation with the o***** man...lol

i've stayed over at zara's a fair bit already, and there's never anything for me to eat...neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I need fuel as i had a lot to do today, like travel back home, get something decent to eat, sleep, feel guilty about not going to church and of course completely dishonour plans i had to meet a certain somebody...
gotta go back for my lou lou's though...................................

Monday, 14 May 2007

I got me a SHRINK

I was thinking, perhaps getting a job would be a fab idea, naaahhh, or maybe, hmmmm not sure i want one, actually can't be bothered with the stress of getting one. Probably won't get so much free n fun time in the future, so best enjoy it now, what's the next big thing, the next party the next hot spot, those are my priorities these days. My shrink doesn't think so though.

MY SHRINK = so called friend studying psychology who fancies herself as an agony aunt/psychologist/psychiatrist, but actually needs one herself.

I've been relaxing with my year off, just whiling out, but i never realised that actually, there is a deep rooted psychological issue behind all this. Perhaps i am in a bubble, a real big one. One that was shielding me from seeing people for exactly what or who they are.....i guess that means the bubble is burst. Well, what do i know, the professional has diagnosed me already. errrrrmmmm......THERE IS A PROBLEM IN MY LIFE AND I NEED TO SORT THINGS OUT.

Recovery starts here...........

f********* that........... common now, i am highly pained, and i need y'all to tell me, is there anything wrong in whiling out, taking time out, enjoying things i wouldn't otherwise have time for, do i deserve to be hated because i don't have a job, am i lazy if after a first degree and 2yrs of work experience i just wanna chill.......huh?????????????????????????????????????????
i know u might not understand my rant or the reason for it, i am just pissed off...really pissed off.. hurt...and pissed off....that's all...

Sunday, 1 April 2007

oh sh*****

After downloading and typing out the catastrphes of the last month since i've been M.I.A, this computer decides to freeze on me...whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I had a near heart attack last night, from people playing April fool pranks on me, to the sore throat thats threatning my life. Zola's bbq was a merry event, apart from the time i got soaked in tea. Come on now, I was really proud of my sparkling white neatly starched shirt. IIIIIIIIIIIII. I know, after all its is my blog. Headed home to a neighbours house party, downed some more brandy - excellent for my cold.

Oh gosh, I cant remember much of what I did in the month of march, had Igho round from miami, Chinedu's party at Papaer (still trying to recover from that night, i mean its over two weeks already) I need a holiday, a mega detox plan or something. This time out was/is supposed to be a FIND MYSELF period, but when a whole month passes by and I have no recollection of most of it, then thats worrying.

Need to get back to bed.

Monday, 19 February 2007

AJ Cool

Nice enough weekend; Ade's gig on Friday was of the chain. I almost broke my ankle practically running up and down bond street, was so freaking worried i was mega late and going to get a proper telling off, as he mentioned earlier, "Lerie don't be late".
And there was the issue of leaving my darling mboni out in the cold, I really don't get it, in my teens it was about being fashionably late, but this ludicrous habbit has rather stuck on to me, and I promise you not for the better.

First I had to get over my bad hair day melt down, was really bored a couple of nights before, was watching new videos on tv, and thought, gosh, y don't i get a hair cut, wow, great idea, and so the scissors did the job and i thought cool, am really working the 'wierd but it works' look. Anyways enough with that now. i ended up leaving my house to a gig with a beret, then i realised, its actually not bad, its not like am going clubbing or even worse i wasn't exactly going on the pull at this gospel gig.

Making sure we secure the front row, well actually the second row, as on the front row were these girls who thought they were gonna be on trl or something (you know the ones that have to be the brightest and loudest-look at us,if ur blind, hear us- you know the type); anyways, the beats wer slamming, i found my feet and arms moving despite the fact that i wasnt on the alchy...i lie, i did have a large glass of apple martini at mi casa, ok, ok, but u get me though..lol

Yeah and there was that other guy, cant remember his name...his lyrics wer tight mehhhnn....'he is the bridge...wat..he is the bridge'

OOps, i forgot to charge my batteries, real smart lerie, u go girl. Had a good time, was hungry though, got home with my ankle almost ripped off (another, long story) at the gig i kept thinking about the spicy wings i forgot to eat, hmmmm, could practically smell them all the way from hendon. But of course, that was the first thing i did as i walked in.....devoured the damn things.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Sheep??? No!! French chic

I'm a master not a sheep. Got a hair cut outta sheer, freaky, excruciating boredom. Well, I did fall in love with Naomi Campbell's bob and i do love Mary Quant's signature bob, which is in fact the main inspiration. Yes, now i kinda look like Vogue's Anna Wintour; cold, icy, strict, scary. Dare i say, imposing.

I got an appointment at Vidal Sassoon, sharpish. The professionals have to correct the errors of my kitchen scissors, and what professionals they are, i just might bump into M.Quant in all her basking glory. I feel fab, although its quite worrying that i have a mental breakdown every couple of weeks, prompting some dramatic makeover or activity, like a hair cut or a three day drink-fest. I hope I don't run out of options, resorting to a sex change just to get my kicks.

I am indeed a sheep, just this once though, I'd admit to it. I am also vain, therefore blogging about my hairstyle is quite natural and very much me.

Yeah, I'm a sheep...

Friday, 2 February 2007

Moet-d up

We are on a roll meeeehhhnn. I've started suffering withdrawal symptoms from lack of partying.

Thursday, 1 February 2007

AUDITIONS - Be My Valentine

A very exciting opportunity for crazy, sexy, cool younglins to gather and celebrate this season of love, romance, passion, profit for Clinton cards and lastminute.com, lust, greed, dissatisfaction and ultimate realizations of phenomenons (like how much of a scrooge your boyfriend is to buy you a picture frame...like..duuhhhh???, didn't he already suprise you with a frame last year, i mean like flick a switch in the brain department.)

NOTE: If i lost you there....to celebrate this season of ...LOVE...at Stringfellows, now that's hot! Actually, on a weekday??? hmmmm. Its funny, but after years of complaining, bitching and buying two presents, (cheap trash - in case that's what you get, and a break the bank present - in case that's what you get), I'm fed up with the "what are you doing for vals?" rant. Uche reckons am just hating, but I really don't think I am. I can't be bothered to waste my money, time and energy, trying to figure out what to buy, what to wear, where to go, oh my gosh, what's he gonna get me. My people, we are supposed to go to church to celebrate St. Valentine...remember him?

Well...actually, I wouldn't mind getting that Swarovski charm bracelet I've been eyeing since God knows when, and If someone did just happen to show up at my flat to take me to dinner I'll be thrilled.(not to D'Den, or Nando's, or Buka, or Wagamama, pleeeassseee)Oh yeah and there's the Sanctuary spa that I walk past, every time I'm hustling through Covent Garden, my eyebrows are long overdue for threading, my fringe just hides the Betty Suarez look.

Arrgrrgh, now there's a full 14 days or so to go, and I have to endure all things pink and heart decorated. I'm kinda morphing into those guys that say, I don't care about Valentines day, why do we have to celebrate love on one particular day, why can't it be any day we choose, I don't believe in it. (scrooges i say...........scrooges)
If I don't care, why am I up at 4.55am writing about it???

Three options, I'll go see Chicago, or have a girls night in with sh****, drinks, lots of scrumptious cake from this delightful bakery Abies and I found in Cricklewood, get some grubs from D'Den (uhhh, i know), and sleep off while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's (Zara would have to bring that)-or if we've got paper to burn, it'll be Stringfellows, or if i have a date it would be magnifique.

- urrr that's if he doesn't come out with some looser rant like he has to watch match of the day first, or some shit like that. OH FOUR OPTIONS THEN.